Sop Konro

One of the favorite foods when visiting South Sulawesi is Sop Konro or Konro Soup. Konro literally means “bee ribs”. Konro Soup is a popular beef soup from Makassar. The Soup contains bee rib chops with a scrumptious taste. The key to its tastiness is the suce which is made from peanuts. Not only is the soup savory, it is also warm in the mouth due do the use of spices such as pepper, cloves, nutmegs, and others.

Other than sevved in a soup, Konro or ribs are also oftne served in other various types. One example is Konro Bakar or Grilled konro, with large cjopped ribs being grilled and smmeared with peanut sauce. Grilled Konro is served with a separate soup sprinkled with bits of fried onions and onion leaves.

This Konro dish can easily be found at Makassar and its surroundings, with one of the most famous restaurants at Sop Konro Karebosi on Jln. Gn. Lompobattang no. 41 or at other places along the Losari Beach area which is aligned with many restaurants serving varieties of unique Makassarish food.

About South Sulawesi

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